"it's easy! set it and forget it. all orders print out so you'll never miss a thing!
no need to train your staff!"
Kyle Bagley - Owner
what restaurants are saying about us
Mrs. Smokeys
"From the moment we started with BiteHeist, we did an extra $2,000 per month and our average ticket sales increased to $34. We can’t say enough about BiteHeist. You know it’s special when our 70 year old + customers have no problem using the service too."
Elisa - Owner
Market Square Liquors
"Liquor delivery is relatively new so we knew we needed a unique approach. We liked how BiteHeist was online and mobile so we could get to everyone in our area. BiteHeist has all the bells and whistles you’d expect and more. They are always willing to hear me out when a change or upgrade is kicked around."
Greg - owner
Penn Avenue Meats
"We get a steady flow of business with the BiteHeist system. Average ticket sales are higher with them too. Customers love when you offer services that are easy and intuitive and BiteHeist is both and more. We can’t imagine not having BiteHeist a part of the family in the future. Keep it up guys!"
Roger - owner
Metro Deli
"We get about 10 orders per day using BiteHeist and we haven’t even promoted it yet. We now know people want it and like it. Our lines decreased as our online sales increased and people spend more online. It’s going great. Thanks BiteHeist."
Joe - owner
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